Romney Joins Obama in taking SMS Donations

It is really a good news for small contributors, who can find themselves in a higher demand in the last month of presidential ballot vote. Until now, the campaign was dominated by big checks, but now it has been changed as its now asking for contributions via text messages. Romney announced on Friday that US republican presidential campaign would start accepting donations by SMS and it is a similar program Obama’s team started a week ago.

With the use of messages in election for disaster relief and other charity causes, this donation could be a profitable source in the make to the Nov 6th election. Romney is following the steps of democratic president Obama’s election strategies.

The finance on campaign reform fundraiser and advocates have touted SMS donations as a method to empower small sized donors, putting an end to unlimited spending outside groups that are fueling six-figure donations and are considered to be most expensive US presidential election ever.

Zac Moffatt, digital director of Romney’s campaign said that this idea has been adopted, considering busy lives of people and said, this technology would give their incredible supporters to make a donation in less than a minute via text messages.

The text donations were first approved in June and can be sent without revealing the identity, but have to be limited to $50/month or the total of $200/candidate or for one campaign. Again, texting has been banned for foreigners and public under the age18, and for corporate phone accounts.

The most US mobile makers support the plan: Sprint Nextel Co, Deutsche Telekom AG, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, and U.S. Cellular. The second largest carrier, AT&T, is still working out its contract deals. The new development setting comes after a series of judgment by Fed Election Commission that relieved mobile manufacturers for excessive donations or possible fraudulent.

The procedure of political text would be as similar to giving charity; a supporter can send a short message to a SMS code, confirming eligibility and later pay the amount as the part of monthly telephone bill.

AT&T is planning to offer a special deal with much lower fee rates and has already sent the proposals to FEC as AT&T think without FEC’s concern, such a donation would qualify as illegal donation.

For text political donations, supporters or contributors can expect to see urgent vote appeal from campaigns in pamphlets, ads, asking to text GIVE 62261 to Obama or 37377 for Romney.

Mitt’s republican national convention ended on Thursday at Tampa, Florida, while Obama will present his next week’s meeting in Charlotte, North California.

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