Nabru Sofas – A Revolutionary Breakthrough in the Category of Modular Sofas

Have you always wanted to fit your furniture to the shape of the room but haven’t found the right size furniture pieces? Modular sofas from Nabru are here to solve that issue. Nabru has the UK’s largest selection of modular sofa beds with a catalogue of the widest range of custom-made sofas.

Sofas to Fit Every Nook and Corner of Your Home

Nabru has made and supplied sofas for the some of the most difficult-to-access areas and rooms which are difficult to maneuver and fit furniture in. Spiral staircases, boats, lofts, caravans, buses, cellars, attics, outhouses, they can go just about anywhere! Nabru’s sofas are sure to brighten up and give your space of respite a cozy and warm area to relax. You can choose from a simple 2-seater sofa to an elaborate U-shaped sofa or a 3-seater armless sofa to extend your L-shaped sofa. They come in classy colors and customizable sizes too.

The sofa and fabrics/leather are strong and durable enough to last for years on end. They can stand up to a lot of rough usage and are given a free guarantee for 2 years against any defects – great for family homes. The 2 years period allows enough time for wear and tear and if under any unforeseen reasons the products do get damaged, the repairs are carried out free of charge.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice on Comfort for Style

Good-looking furniture can sometimes spell “back-trouble” especially with modern style sofas. So it can be quite a task looking for a furniture brand that assures its customers are guaranteed comfort and actually lives up to its promise. Very rarely do you find a brand where when the comfort is not up to the customer’s expectation and a replacement is offered.

Variety of Styles

There are also a wide variety of designs like chaise ends, smooth arm rests, sofa accessories, pillows, single sofa, double sofa, 3-seater sofas, 6-seater corner sofas and other options apart from the convenient opportunity to be able to customize. But getting the right kind of fabric for your sofa is a tough task. Hunting in fabric shops may not be of much help, since furniture covering requires a unique mesh of fabric that only a furniture manufacturer itself can supply. What’s even more exciting is the mind-blowing range of 80 different fabrics covers that you get to choose from. The fabrics are of a high quality and a beautiful feel.

Dealing with Fitting Hassles

It would be nice if furniture pieces that came in ‘Do It Yourself’ kits could be assembled without the hassle of screws, tools and bolts. A lot of people enjoy building their own furniture but are always weighed down with the trouble of tools, sawing and tracking down the right fabric. In other words, fitting is another major concern. Additionally, a lot of ‘Do It Yourself’ furniture pieces don’t always fit in together as they are supposed to. Taking them back to the dealer and getting replacement can be a pain – who has really got the time to do all that? So a brand with easy exchange policy is definitely appealing.

On-time delivery of the product is also a major factor when choosing the right brand. Some brands take ages to deliver your order. So it must be kept in mind that a brand, which offers timely delivery, is chosen wisely particularly if you do not currently have any furniture pieces. Brighten up the interior of your house and give yourself a break from the same old furniture.

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